Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Operating the Turbo Mentor, the Uruguayan navy way!
Airpressman reports from a roadside where the Uruguayan Air Force deployed A-37B Dragonfly jets.
The French Air Force aerobatic team visits Argentina!
During the afternoon of February 2, 2018, whilst returning from an operational flight a  Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya  (FAU - Uruguayan Air Force) single engine Cessna  T-41D Mescalero registration FAU 603 suffered an engine failure which caused the crew to...
Copyright Ernesto Blanco Calcagno/www.airpressman.com COPYRIGHT Ernesto Blanco Calcagno (www.airpressman.com) The Escuadrón Aéreo no. 5 (Helicópteros) (Air Squadron no. 5) of the Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya (Uruguayan Air Force - FAU), is based in the Brigada Aérea No....