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The MBB BO-105PAH-1 helicopters on Uruguayan Naval Aviation service

Armada 063 (ex Heer 87+00) flies for the camera in Punta del Este. (Copyright Ernesto Blanco Calcagno/ Copyright: Ernesto Blanco Calcagno  ...

Beechcraft B200T Maritime Patrol (Uruguayan Naval Aviation)

Beechcraft B200T Armada 871 flies over Punta del Este with Isla de Lobos (Seawolves Island) in the background, the beginning of Uruguay’s Atlantic waters. (Copyright...

Texans old & new: Image gallery

Please see our feature: Turbo & piston trainers: "Texan II visit to Uruguay". Por favor vea nuestra nota "Turbos & pistón: El Texan II visita Uruguay".


Ernesto Blanco Calcagno gets a a first-hand perspective on how the Uruguayan Air Force conducts air-to-air refuelling.

Thunder over the Med! Israel’s 73rd. anniversary flypast

The Israeli Air Force displays its fleet over its Mediterranean shoreline!


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