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The goal of Airpressman is to present articles, news, images and information about the diverse world of aviation; both civil and military. The articles are extensive and contain a lot of technical information – we like to be thorough – therefore indicated for our readers who are most eager for details. For those who like aeronautical photography, our chronicles are extensively illustrated, meanwhile we will frequently publish exhibitions of images of the aircraft highlighted in the notes, in our Image Galleries.

We began our task in South America, however, we plan to expand and spread our wings to other corners of the region and the world. Therefore – please – return frequently to visit our site!

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¿Who is Airpressman?

Ernesto Blanco Calcagno was born in Uruguay with a passion for flying machines. Graduated from the Aeronautical Technical School of the Uruguayan Air Force (Jet Engines), he served in the then Aviation Group No. 2 (CAZA) on engine maintenance tasks on Lockheed T-33A and Cessna A-37B combat aircraft. Resident in several countries during his life (Uruguay, Brazil, United Kingdom and Argentina) he began training as a pilot at the age of 17 in Uruguay (Canelones), continued in Brazil (Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro), the United States (Hayward, California) and the United Kingdom (Wycombe and Bournemouth). He holds a FAA commercial license from the US with an Instrument Rating as well as a Basic Commercial with an Assistant Flying Instructor (AFI) rating from the UK CAA. As a cabin crew member with a large international airline based in the United Kingdom since 1984; he operated on domestic and European services followed by more than three decades on wide-body aircraft on worldwide, long-haul routes. Visiting all the continents of the planet provided him with opportunities to interact with the world of aviation and write articles about this amazing industry. Retired in 2020 as a Cabin Service Director (Onboard Manager) of Boeing 767, 777, 747 and 787 aircraft, he is now dedicated to family and the creation of articles and aircraft photography to be published on Airpressman’s digital and audiovisual aviation portals as well as book writing.

Tail winds and happy landings!

The Airpressman Team