Saturday, September 30, 2023

Raging Fire! Air Force and Naval rotary wing assets and civilian aviation to the...

FIREFIGHTING IN URUGUAY (Main Feature Image: Copyright Cortéz) By Ernesto Blanco Calcagno/ The naval Westland Wessex HC MK II was hovering over the Atlantic Ocean at 25...

Thunder over the Med! Israel’s 73rd. anniversary flypast

The Israeli Air Force displays its fleet over its Mediterranean shoreline!

Beechcraft B200T Maritime Patrol (Uruguayan Naval Aviation)

Ernesto Blanco Calcagno flies on this Maritime Patrol aircraft, the only armed Super King Air in the World!

Martin Baker Ejection Seats-Safer life for an old jet.

New seat for an old jet: The Martin Baker Mk-8 on the A-37B Dragonfly.

Escuadrón Aéreo No. 5 (helicópteros) Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya –...

Ernesto Blanco Calcagno (Airpressman) analiza y describe la operación del único escuadrón de alas rotativas, de la Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya.